How to pick the right carpet for you. 

Not all carpets are made the same. But neither are people! Every household has its own set of individual needs when it comes to flooring. Especially carpet. Here are some tips for picking the right carpet for your lifestyle. 


First factor to consider is price. What is your budget? Deciding beforehand what you are wanting to spend on your new carpet will help guide you in a general direction as far as what you can afford. Don’t be too bashful about your budget, lower price does not always mean lower quality! If you are on a tight budget, speak to your sales person about their in stock options. They may have some high quality products at discounted prices due to availability. 


Where is this carpet going? If you are installing carpet in a high traffic area you may want to consider a carpet that will hold up well to wear. Carpets of this nature include, low pile, tight weave and nylon. High traffic areas will include areas like stairs, hallways and living rooms. 

Ask your salesperson for a carpet with durability that will not show wear patterns over time. If you are looking to put carpet in an area where you and your children have close contact with the floor you may be looking for a plush carpet that is thick, dense and soft to the touch. Such areas might include family rooms, kids bedrooms, etc. 


You may not know what kind of material you are looking for and if not that’s okay! Your sales person can help you determine the right material for you based on a handful of questions. There are a couple different varieties of materials used for carpet each with their own set of benefits. Polyester is the most popular and most commonly purchased carpet in the market. Polyester is known for its stain resistance and soft texture.

Nylon is a great selection for durability due to its stiff thread, unfortunately nylon does not hold up as well to stains. Wool carpet is a great natural product that’s been sound for centuries. Wool is a luxurious product known for its longevity. While these are the main players in the game you also have a variety of blended options.

Cream carpet background, close up


Style options include pattern, texture and color. It will be beneficial for you to have an idea on the color you are needing based off of your paint, surrounding flooring, furniture and major features in your space. Keep in mind that carpet lays lighter than its sample! If you are interested in pattern or fleck pattern, make sure to let your salesperson know so they can show you options that match your specific taste!

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