Texture is a great opportunity to add some flare and personality to your backsplash without having to be too bold. You can stay neutral in your color pallet and timeless in your shape while still providing a more luxurious and expensive look. Thin glazed Brick is a great option for a textured look. One of the most popular ways to bring texture into the equation is handmade looking tile.


Nothing says luxury quite like “Handmade.” Same goes for your tile. The handmade, irregular and craftsman style tile is very prevalent in tile today. The differences in these tiles are subtle in size, color and texture. This gives the eye a lot to look at while still feeling cohesive. Not all these tiles are actually handmade, but are produced on purpose to look this way. These options will allow you to get the handmade look without paying the handmade price.


If you are looking for something simple and seamless, a full high stone backsplash might be the look for you. Full high backsplashes take the countertop and bring it up the wall to act as a backsplash. This look is stunning if your countertop is a show stopper. It gives you a great opportunity to show off your stone. 


Maybe you want the best of both worlds? You love the look of full high but also want to incorporate a classic tile look. This year is the year of two toned backsplashes. Mix and match your different materials to get a unique backsplash. And while you’re doing it, why not go to the ceiling?


People are taking it to the skies… or at least the ceiling. Carry it all the way up behind your cabinets, range and even around windows. Covering all the walls in your kitchen work space with tile is a fun way to add more character to your space and provide better cleaning surfaces. 


Try mixing it up with a retro shape! Square tiles are back and it’s appearing in contemporary kitchens all over. This shape also allows for fun patterns such as checkers with different shades and colors.

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