Intro to Quartz
Besides granite and marble, quartz is one of or maybe the most popular materials used in homes. It is said to be scratch, chip, stain, and even water damage resistant. Those traits, and the beauty, are what make people love quartz. But like a lot of other things, quartz has its downsides. While looking at what type of countertop you’d like to have in your home, you’ll seem to find that quartz is more on the expensive side. It is also said to be quite a difficult task to install. And lastly, maybe the most well-known con about quartz, you cannot put anything hot on quartz. Due to quartz being fairly vulnerable to heat if a hot pot or pan was to be placed on top of a quartz countertop, it could very much likely burn the resin and therefore cause damage to the countertop.

Intro to Quartzite
Now, looking at the more high-end countertops, quartzite surely fits in. Unlike quartz, quartzite is a natural stone along with other stones such as granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, and slate. Because quartzite is natural, that also causes it to be more porous and will need sealing. Adding a sealing to a quartzite countertop protects it from spills and other potential things that could cause damage. Also like quartz, quartzite is said to be extremely heavy. But moving away from the cons and onto the pros- quartzite is an extremely durable stone. The fact that it can take heat better than most other stones as well makes it quite the suitor for a kitchen countertop. And lastly, like quartz, it’s natural beauty that so many love and favor.

Is it Worth it?
To conclude quartz vs quartzite, is the price worth it? Starting with quartz, while having a beautiful look installed in a home, it’ll cost quite a lot. According to some sources, the average cost for quartz countertops is around $50-$200 per square foot. But including labor and materials, it might just lead to an average of $125 per square foot, all depending on which company you get your countertops from. Some designers though might try to steer you away from quartz countertops in your kitchen due to it not being able to take heat well, but it still would look amazing in an area where extreme heat is not a threat. Now quartzite, though it is more ‘top of the line’, prices range around $133 per square foot- which includes labor and material costs. But with its natural stone-looking beauty and its durability, this stone would work and look great in a kitchen. With basically having everything that quartz has, quartzite takes the trophy for being most price worthy. So in conclusion, is the price worth it? Quartzite yes, while quartz- has the beauty but might not just suit a kitchen countertop.

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