Carpets come in a variety of heights and thicknesses. A lot of people are into the shaggy long strand carpets, I just have a few tips that can help you make a smart decision in selecting your carpet. If you are looking for a carpet that will last long, and wear well, you need to think about how long carpet strands are in comparison to the density or thickness of the weaves.

Having a tall pile carpet might lead you to believe that it is going to last longer because there’s more thread showing, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, it is likely going to wear out quicker than a shorter pile carpet with the same strand count. Sometimes carpets will have a weight given to them, but a heavier weight doesn’t mean that it’s a better carpet. That’s where density comes in to play. 

You want a carpet that is dense enough so that it won’t matte down. Taller carpets have more weight because the fibers are longer, but they might not be dense. A carpet that is more dense will last longer, but it’s more expensive. If you love long shaggy carpets but don’t want them to matte down, they need to be dense. Meaning they have a higher count of threads per inch of carpet. Carpet density can range on a scale from 10-100, a quality carpet would be one with a 50 density rating or higher, but you can still get a good carpet with a 35 rating. 

Short to medium length carpets are pretty safe to put in higher traffic area’s because they are less likely to show matting with foot traffic; especially if the strands are uniform. Keep density and height of your carpet in mind when deciding what type of carpet you want where in your house. You could totally do a tall shaggy carpet as an area rug to add contrast to a hardwood or tile floor, and it would work best in a low traffic area.

We have carpets of varying densities and piles that will give your home the desired look and durability you are looking for at a great price. Keep posted for more flooring selection tips.

— Designer Home Interiors