One of the first things your realtor or designer will tell you to do when preparing to sell  is to declutter. Go through all the spaces in your home and throw out/ donate items that you no longer need or want. Once you’ve done that the next step is to pack away items that are not an everyday necessity or that take up too much space. These items may be but are not limited to small kitchen appliances, decor, spare sheets/towels etc.


In the process of decluttering it is a good idea to minimize the amount of personal items throughout the home. Removing family photos and knick knacks may feel like a cold process but this will help buyers picture themselves better in your space. (Don’t worry you can put them back up in your new home!)


Deep cleaning the house is essential! No one wants to walk into a potential home and see dirty baseboards, stains on the bathroom floor and crusty appliances. Once you are ready to list it is time to get your scrub face on. It is important to start with a thorough deep clean so it is easier to manage throughout the selling process. That way a last minute showing doesn’t send you into a frenzy. Instead a quick tidy will do the job!


Along the lines of keeping your home clean and tidy. Remember the details. Be sure to replace garbage liners often, replace that half used soap bar in the bathroom and keep your plants looking fresh and healthy. Smells can quickly turn a potential buyer off. Ensure the home smells fresh and clean when you walk in. First impressions are everything.


While you may love your bright orange living room, others may not feel the same. Color is very 

personal to individual taste. Replace colors throughout the home with neutrals. Keeping a neutral color palette throughout the space will help buyers better envision themselves and their items in your home. The best way to do this is with paint. Other options include bedding, pillows and other accents. 


Every home has their quirks. Most homes have a handful of awkward spaces that feel out of place or unnecessary. Utilizing these awkward or small spaces will help maximize your square footage. Try creating a reading nook in a bay window, placing shelving in a tight corner or a bench in your entryway to show value in every nook and cranny! Another way to utilize your space is to define it. Turn an extra room into a clearly defined bedroom or an office instead of a catch all storage space.


Remember to keep it light! Natural light will be your best friend. Keep the blinds open and curtains drawn. Natural light will make your spaces feel bigger and more open. If possible, stage your home with both floor & table lamps so even at night it will feel brighter. Lighting is also a great way to update spaces. Replacing old out of date lighting will make the home feel more currant without having to completely remodel.


Staging furniture and décor may help your spaces feel larger and more inviting. Realtors have found that staging symmetrical esthetically pleases most buyers. It is important to keep each side of the room balanced. If you have a couch on one side, consider using two chairs on the other side to ensure the room is equally weighted. When staging it is important to think of the rule of 3. Use an odd number of items of varying heights and sizes to group together. For example: grouping a clock, a lamp and a plant on a side table provides a nice triangle pattern which will feel balanced to the eye.

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