Whether it is building a new home or even just giving your room a new makeover, you’re always going to want the space to feel like you. A space that you’ll be comfortable in and not regret your choice of paint color to your furniture choices. But where do you start?

Finding your inspo

First off, you might want some inspiration. Most people with a project get their idea by pictures or seeing a showroom they like. Instagram and Pinterest always have beautiful home posts. Knowing and creating the idea of what you want will help a lot! Especially knowing what you do and don’t like will help when it comes to picking out products.

Create your final mood board

Now that you have ideas of what you want, it is time to make your final choices. You’ll want to narrow your flooring, paint, countertops, or other home products. You want your home project to feel like you in the end, you will want to love your end product. Once you have all your final choices, you can throw it all into a mood board! You can get mood board templates online that can help you lay it all out. Once you have all that done you are one step closer to your home feeling like you.  

 Be True to You

You have your mood board and the idea of what your end product will look like, but is it all you? If you are remodeling or just making some slight changes to a room, that probably means that you weren’t the biggest fan of the design that you had before. So before you completely change your space, make sure you love it. You can get advice from others or even an interior designer. If you pick out your products from an interior design store, employees love to help out and give their suggestions! All while keeping it something that you’d love! 

Love Your Final Product

 Finally, now that you have your final layout and everything picked out, it’s time to put it all together! At this point, hopefully, you love everything that you have picked out. With everything getting ready to be put together and it all slowly becoming your vision, you should start to feel like your home or space is becoming more of who you are. Starting with the before process you were picking out all of the products that you thought would make your home feel more you. Then you put those products all together to see if they fit. And the last step is seeing your vision become a reality. In the end, you should feel proud of what you have done. Picked out everything and even made the space that you live in feel more like your own space. 

And that should be everything. You have officially made your home more you. You started with a space that needed a little work done and ended with a room that you love. Good job, well done. Hopefully with all of your hard work coming to an end, you end up with a space that you feel comfortable in, want to be in, and most importantly- a space that feels like you.

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