Oh remodeling. How we love AND hate you. If you or someone you know has remodeled before, you know it can create quite the headache. 

Here is what to expect from your remodel & a few tips to help make the process a little easier.


Plan for additional costs and expect the unexpected. Problems hidden in your walls, price increases on products and changes to the design may affect your initial budget. Adding 10% to your budget will provide you a safety net for these unexpected costs.


Anticipate delays. Timelines are not always smooth. Sometimes it’s that products are backordered and sometimes there’s a shortage of installers. Mentally prepare that the end date provided may not be concrete.


Once your plans are finalized it is difficult to make changes. If a product has already been ordered or produced, you will be responsible for the restocking fee. Contractors also reserve the right to charge change order fees to cover overhead costs. 


Remodeling is messy. It just is. Likely a deep clean will be necessary after your project is complete; no matter the precautions taken to prevent messes. Keep in mind that some prep may fall onto the homeowners. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home. 

  • Box up Valuables 
  • Cover Furniture 
  • Clear out rooms being worked on
  • Block off dusty areas with Plastic
  • Lay paper over floors 
  • Turn off HVAC & cover vents in area of construction 
  • Dust & Vacuum daily


Doing a full remodel requires a lot of decision making. Go into each meeting with your contractor/designer with an open mind. You will be expected to make decisions on things you may not have thought about; e.i. outlet placement, hardware installation, grout color etc.


Things must go in order. For example, countertop templates can not happen until the cabinets are present to template on. Do your best not to jump the gun. You may be tempted to start tearing out to get the process rolling, but if you do things prematurely you may be stuck living in a mess.


Scheduling can be unpredictable. When working with subcontractors you are often left following their schedule & timelines. Variables like weather, illness, etc. can prevent your sub from following a strict time frame. Being flexible will help ease some of the stress about general scheduling issues.


Communication is key to a great experience but keep in mind there may be gaps of time where there is nothing to report. If you are not hearing from your contractor or designer, this does not mean things are not moving forward. Oftentimes they are waiting on materials to arrive, items to be made or subs to become available. Don’t be afraid to reach out and check-in if you are wanting updates. Good communication goes both ways!


Things will go wrong in your project, they will. In those moments stay positive and remember that anything can be fixed. Everyone involved shares a common goal to bring your dream interior to life. Together you can make that dream a reality!

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