RUGS 101

Rugs are a great way to liven up a space and add a level of comfort to any room. Rugs are typically used on hard surfaces but can be used on carpet as well! They can help define a space, add color or texture and create a more luxurious feeling to your home. There are some different styles of rugs to choose from here is some info that may help you make the right selection!


Crafted from the natural fibers of sheeps wool, wool rugs are incredibly durable. These fibers are strong and keep their shape for years outlasting most synthetic materials.Its natural properties also provide a handful of bonus features. Wool rugs are deemed fire resistant, a natural humidifier and great for people with allergies as its static electricity pulls in fine dust particles. One feature that often hinders people from selecting wool as an option is its tendency to shed. Another fear people have about wool rugs is the ease to clean. Wool rugs like any rug will need the proper maintenance. If vacuumed regularly it should hold up for a long while before needing a proper scrub. When it does come time to wash your rug you can do it at home with a soft brush, water and gentle shampoo or you can take it to a professional!


The most common is nylon, polyester and polypropylene. One of the best benefits of these synthetic fibers is their ease of cleaning and stain resistance. They are less absorbent and will handle all those gnarly spills! While they are great with stains they are not considered as durable as some natural fibers and may wear faster in high traffic areas. These synthetic yarns also provide a nice shine and soft touch making its products feel luxurious without breaking the bank!


There are a variety of natural fibers to choose from. Some include jute, silk, bamboo and cotton. Each with their own list of characteristics, natural fibers have a lot to offer! Silk as you can imagine is considered a luxurious material, providing a lustrous, smooth texture adding elegance and charm to any space. It is less common due to its high price tag and extreme care precautions. Jute and bamboo however are more common and less pricey. They are a more coarse material great for layering or outdoor use. These do best in more humid climates. Cotton like in most of its applications is a versatile material that adds great texture and is easy to clean! Cotton however tends to do best in low traffic areas as they wear out quicker than other options.


What better way to elevate your space than with the exotic elegance of leather goods! They add layers of texture and rugged touch to any space. While leather/hyde is not to everyone’s taste, it does have some star-like qualities. Leather is known for its durability and long lasting abilities. You will be loving on your leather hyde rug for years to come. Believe it or not they are deemed low maintenance and have high resale value, making it a great investment.


Hand Knotted rugs are crafted by skilled artisans that tie each knot by hand. As you can imagine this style can take weeks, months and even years to complete. Each rug carries a story and heritage which makes it quite appealing and worth the high cost to the right buyer. Persian and oriental rugs are often hand knotted and are known for their intricate designs and detail. Hand knotting increases the rug’s durability and makes it a long lasting item.


There are a handful of weaving techniques used to create a woven rug. The flatweave is as it sounds a short pile weave with no backing. This technique uses a traditional loom and has a tight weave to provide durability. A loomed rug is made in a similar fashion however it sports a taller pile and fuller finish and often has a backing.


To create a tufted rug, you stretch a tufting cloth over a frame and shoot strands of yarn from the back to the front using a tufting gun.Once the yarn is pushed through to the other side it can be trimmed to varying lengths to create a dynamic look. These rugs are typically soft and plush and make great accents to bedrooms and living spaces. These types of rugs tend to shed a bit so be sure to vacuum often! 


Hooking rugs is very similar to the tufted rug technique with a crochet twist! This technique involves pulling yarn through stiff cloth with a hook. Like the tufted rugs it creates a higher pile and is often used to create geometric and bold patterns. As a theme its handmade craftsmanship makes it very durable!


Machine woven rugs are probably the most common at this point in time and it allows for quicker turnaround time and a smaller price tag. Machine woven rugs mimic the look of hand knotted rugs for a fraction of the cost making them available to a broader audience. Generally machine woven rugs use synthetic materials to help maintain their low cost and affordability. Some styles even allow you to throw them in a washing machine for a cycle! 

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