How Curtains Can Add to Your Home

Adding Texture

Jumping right into it, imagine a room with some windows and only furniture. Now imagine adding curtains to that room. Without the curtains, you’d think there isn’t much of a difference, but a side-by-side comparison may change your mind. Adding curtains or drapes to a room adds layers and more texture to that room, making it even less blocky and adding more shape to the room. If your room has not so much fabric but more hard surfaces or wooden furniture then that added texture creates a more soft feeling to the room. 

Just The Right Amount of Light

Some may know that different types of curtains let in a certain amount of light. Sheer Curtains do not block out light completely, but it does filter sunlight while still allowing enough in to light up a room. The most common are light-filtering curtains which aren’t completely sheer while still letting a certain amount of light through. And then there are black-out curtains which block out 95-100% of light. All of that helps you pick out which curtain fits you and your room best while also making you more comfortable in your room as well.

Even Bigger

Instead of placing your curtains at the regular spot right above your window, try placing them up higher near the ceiling or even up meeting the ceiling, by doing this it makes the room taller. Adding longer and wider curtains to the look will add to the height and make the room seem bigger as well. This combo leads your eye upwards which then creates the visual elusion of the room being bigger and taller.  

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