Choosing the right colors for your home can be difficult. There are so many options to choose from which can be difficult. What colors do you like? Which colors would you like to avoid? And which colors go with other colors in your home? So many questions, and so many possibilities. With a little bit of help and a little bit of narrowing down, all of it leads to one color.

Creating a color scheme

Choosing what type of colors you like and dislike helps a lot. Do you prefer cool colors or warm ones? Light colors or dark colors? Knowing the specific color type you want to go with can lead to choosing the color scheme you want. You can simply go with a white but would you prefer a warmer white or a cooler white? Maybe you’d like to add a blue in as an accent color. Even with furniture, there are ways to tie it in with your paint colors. But whatever color scheme you choose, will surely bring a lot of your home together.

Space Effect

Just like adding larger furniture or the height of your curtains, the paint color you choose can decide whether your space will feel bigger or smaller. Adding lighter colors can actually make a space feel bigger and more open as if there was a window. Adding darker colors can make a space feel smaller because of the way it absorbs light. Though lighter colors do make a space more open, the darker colors can make it feel more cozy because of the light being absorbed.

Paint Samples

Say you have come to a roadblock and cannot pick between colors, you need to see the colors in your space. Getting paint samples of possible colors will help a lot. Paint a tiny bit on your wall, enough that could be covered up but not too much that it couldn’t, and compare your choices. Maybe you have three or four color samples that you aren’t quite sure of how they would look in your space. Once you have it on your wall you can see what the colors truly look like. You can ask for others’ opinions as well to help narrow it down or even eliminate the ones that don’t fit what you want.

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