Clean Doormats

If you have a washable style doormat like Ruggable you can toss that in the washing machine for a freshener! With a more sturdy style mat you can use a power sprayer to wash away any dirt and debris that it may have collected over the winter. Don’t forget under the doormat too! Moisture that collects under your mat can cause moss and mildew to grow. A good spray down should take care of that as well. 

Clean Windows

Nothing beats looking out a clean window, especially when spring is blossoming outside. You can tackle both sides of your windows. Spraying down the outside glass as screens as well as cleaning the interior glass will help allow more light to come through into the home. 

Wipe Down Walls 

Wiping down the walls is something often missed in a deep clean. There are several methods to catch dust and cobwebs from your walls. Some enjoy the classic warm water and soap with a rag while others have used a Swiffer type mop in an up and down motion to wash them clean. 

Carpet Clean heavy traffic areas

Whether you hire a carpet cleaning company or pull out the home Bissell, taking the opportunity to deep clean your carpets will make a big difference! Carpet can be an allergen collector as well as a dirty eye sore in high traffic areas. Be sure to vacuum thoroughly over the area before starting the carpet cleaning process. This will help the machine run smoother and pick up deeper dirt and dust.

Clean Sink Disposal

A great way to get the stick out from inside your disposal is the ice trick! Fill the disposal and surrounding sink with ice cubes, sea salt and lemon wedges. Then turn on the cold water and run the disposal until the ice has cleared. You will be shocked to see all the yucky gunk come up! 

Wipe Down Kitchen Cabinets

The best most proven method for wiping down kitchen cabinets is a simple solution of water and grease cutting dish soap! Keep the water warm and pay close attention to knobs and grime-y areas like above the stove. Be sure to follow behind your wet rag with a dry microfiber cloth to stop any water spots.

Wash Curtains & Shower Curtains

A great way to keep your home feeling and smelling fresh is to wash your fabric items such as pillows and blankets but often forgotten are your curtains! Curtains tend to hold onto cooking smells and mildew (in your bathroom.) Dry Cleaning is a great and safe way to clean most fabric curtains however you can also safely clean them at home too. To protect the curtains integrity be sure to use a mild soap on a gentle cycle and either hang dry or tumble on low with no heat. 

Clean Washing Machine

Use this three step process to eliminate buildup in your washing machine hoses and pipes! The first step is to run an empty regular cycle on hot using two cups of white vinegar in the detergent dispenser. This will help kill and prevent any bacteria growth. Step 2 is to manually scrub the inside of your washing machine using a sponge/brush and ¼ cup vinegar in quart in warm water. The last step is to run one final cycle on hot with detergent and vinegar. You can add 1⁄2 cup of baking soda to clear more buildup in the drum. Once the cycle is complete wipe out the inside of the drum to remove any remaining residue.

Deep Clean Vacuum 

There are many different brands and styles of vacuums so cleaning your vacuum will look different for every vacuum. There are a few simple suggestions though for deep cleaning your vacuum to help its smell and overall performance. Some brands will allow you to remove your roller brush, if so cutting the hairs clear of the brush will help it be able to pick up more debris. If possible disassembling the vacuum and soaking/cleaning the parts individually and allowing them to fully dry will help its sucking power as well. Refer to your owners manual or YouTube for ways to disassemble your vacuum. 

Scrub Down Garbage Cans 

A simple scrub down of your garbage can should do the trick. Using your favorite disinfectant or warm water and dish soap you can clean and disinfect the inside and outside of your garbage can. To keep smells at bay try using baking soda in a container at the bottom of your can to soak up unpleasant odors! 

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