Waterproof flooring. Who doesn’t love anything waterproof? But what about water resistant? Yes, surprise there is a difference between the two. Many people assume that water-resistant is the same as waterproof, but the two are quite different than you’d think. But now you can know the difference.

In the flooring industry, if it’s waterproof or water-resistant it’ll tend to sell. Over the years, ever since new tech for flooring was improved, more and more flooring brands have begun to put these floorings out for purchase. From basements to kitchens, waterproof or water-resistant flooring has just turned out to be maybe the perfect flooring for anywhere in a home


Before getting into water-resistant flooring, let’s understand waterproof first. Waterproof is one word that a lot of people love to see. With flooring, waterproof means that the floor can withstand a lot of moisture without resulting in damage to the floor. Which makes it much easier to clean due to the tech in the flooring. But summing it all up, waterproof can withstand bigger accidents such as floods or other things involving heavy amounts of water.

Water Resistant

Now, waterproof and water resistant are different but not by far. Unlike waterproof floors, floors that are said to be water resistant can only withstand a certain amount of moisture. Water resistance is only meant to survive through smaller spills, along with normal water issues like moisture levels. 

Final Difference 

So overall, waterproof is exactly what it means- truly impenetrable to water. While water-resistant will repel the effects of water but only up to a certain point. After a certain amount of water exposure, the water will begin to seep through or even soak the item. Both waterproof and water-resistant flooring can work in different areas of a home, it all just depends on certain factors such as pets and others like moisture levels. Or in other words, areas prone to water equal waterproof, and areas with normal water issues equal water resistance. Now later on if you are ever buying flooring, you know what to look for. And now you know the differences between waterproof vs water resistant.

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