Organization plays a role in Interiors Design and can help provide your space with not just function but beauty. Families are moving towards a more minimalistic style of living. Cutting out the clutter and focusing on a more present lifestyle. 

The best way to achieve this in the home is by finding functionality in the mess. 

Unfortunately organizing can be daunting. Where should it all go? Does everything need a place? 

For those interested in taking on the task of decluttering their space; this is for you!


Color Coding Closets

 A fun and easy place to start is your bedroom closet. The easiest and most foolproof way to organize is color code. Take inventory of your clothing and start from light to dark. As the colors align you can watch your closet take shape! Color coding is a great way to manage an organization system long term. When you notice the colors out of order take a moment to correct the code.

One in One out Rule

Another beginner step is to adapt the “one IN one OUT” rule. When you adopt a new item, donate an item that is no longer used. This can be clothing, decor, dishes etc.

Keep a Donation Box Handy

Keep a donation box/bag handy so that throwing out these items can be done with ease. If you reserve a spot for donation items they are less likely to get swept back into closets and cupboards.

Be Mindful of New Items

Before taking any new items into your home be mindful. Do I have a need for this and do I have room? It is okay to say no to others offering you items they are throwing out. Don’t feel obligated to hold onto gifts that do not have use or meaning to you.

One Project at a Time

Because it is easy to get overwhelmed, take it one project at a time. Set aside time to tackle an area. Your home does not need to be organized overnight nor does it need to be organized perfectly at all times. Taking little moments to manage closets, cupboards and pantries will help minimize the overwhelming task of keeping a tidy space.

Give Everything a Place

Giving every item in the home a place will help you take inventory on your items. If you can’t find a place for it, do you really need it? Creating stations in your home for things like paperwork, cleaning products and linens will help you find these items quickly and will give purpose to each space.

Organize before Buying Containers

Once everything has a place you can buy containers to help keep it clean. Buying containers before things are organized may just add to the clutter. Once you see how much is left over from your purge you will have a better idea of what you will need.

Make it Pretty

Take time to make your newly organized space pretty! Use containers and labels to make the organization process fun. The goal is to make the area aesthetically pleasing so have fun with it! This will also help motivate you to keep the space clean.

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