This year Designer Home Interiors was asked to participate in Nebo School Districts CTE Expo. Every year a CTE Expo is held for the 7th graders from various schools to visit booths of different businesses in their area. Students are encouraged to ask questions about these businesses and the fields they are in as a way to explore different career options! 

Being our first year we were not sure what to expect. We brainstormed for weeks on different activities and demonstrations we could provide to give an accurate/fun peek into what we do at DHI. We finally settled on two main activities; A mood board and a room layout. The mood board was a bunch of current flooring, furniture and other furnishings cut out and magnetized for the kids to create their own spaces. The room layout activity was a computer program designed to build out a room online. 

Our set-up included two tables for activities and a table up front for product displays (This included samples arranged in a mood board setting.) We were told to expect two waves of students totaling 2,000. It felt like a lot as they came rolling in. Like most pre-teens they were high energy and there for a good time. 😉 Some would stop by our booth strictly for a punch in their punch card and a piece of candy. But there were those kids whose eyes would light up knowing we were an Interior Design Company. Eager to hear our story and participate in our activities. 

The bell of the ball was the Mood Board activity! All the kids loved being able to personalize a room. Some would spend a couple minutes or so and others took their time in designing their space! It was so fun to watch them involve themselves in something we are passionate about. 


The questions were varying, some wanting to know how much you can make in the industry, others curious about our favorite styles. We tried to be honest and candid with each question, giving them a real perspective of the good and bad of our industry. 

At the end of the day we were all tired and a little sweaty (it was hot at the fairgrounds 😉 We reflected on how the day went and what we thought worked and what we could improve on next time. Overall the consensus is that we had a great time! We enjoyed the opportunity to share something we are all so passionate about with the youth of our community. Hopeful that we sparked interest in someone, helping them realize the wonderful world of Interior Design.

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